Welcome to the blog of the Gray Healthcare Foundation!

We feel great today having you here .We curate phenomenal ,insightful and practical articles that make the ageing process exciting!

We are invested in promoting the quality of life of the elderly and providing a great support network to cater to the peculiar needs of the seniors.

“We are not limited by our old ages;we are liberated by it”

Stu Mittleman

Our aims

  • Uplift the quality of elderly care at all levels
  • Foster innovation to improve geriatric care
  • Improve access to essential health services amongst the elderly
  • Advocacy for holistic elderly care

Published by Gray Healthcare Foundation

A Non Governmental organisation with Headquarters in Africa ,dedicated to uplifting the health of the elderly population .Passionate about the elderly , we drive increased inclusivity ,availability of essential health care services, advocacy and research for those aged 60 years and above.

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